A little more about Vive Ninette handbags - Vive Ninette | One of a kind leather bags

A little more about our handbags

Vive Ninette blends local fabrics and authentic leathers with a lovely italian touch to create one of a kind pieces

" Vive Ninette blends local fabrics and quality leathers 
with a lovely italian touch to create one of a kind pieces "

All Vive Ninette bags feature clean lines, quality leathers and precious linings
sourced from traditional shops and local suppliers.
As most of the time we find small batches, each collection is as unique as limited.

We pride ourself to select every single piece of hide to create a new Vive Ninette.
We choose between a wide range of leathers and leather treatments depending of the final results we wish to have. 
The very common point is that we love soft leather and most of the time we choose just that.
Kindly note that some markings such as creasing, shadings or color irregularities
are the very natural features of the original hides and will age beautifully with time.

We enjoy spending hours to select our favorite linings in local markets and traditional shops.
We choose beautiful printed fabrics or batik "Halus" (Halus means soft in Indonesian) depending on our feelings,
emotions and the very final touch we want to give to each bag.
Indeed each one features a different lining from the others, making most of them unique pieces.

All Vive Ninette handbags feature zippers with golden teeth.
It's one of our characteristic. Another one is that we really enjoy using different colors for the zipper tape.
From tone on tone to high contrasts and everything in between.

Leather naturally ages and darkens (especially our un-dyed leathers). Regular use will maintain the character of your Vive Ninette.
From time to time, apply some vaseline with a soft cloth: it will help the leather not to dry out.
Even if water is not a "leather favorite", it's okay for your handbag to get wet, just make sure you leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area.
If you want to store it, choose a breathable container, such as our dust bag.