A little more about us - Vive Ninette | One of a kind leather bags

A little more about us

I always had a simple idea in mind:
" I'd love to have a big leather handbag with no logo "
Nina, co-founder and designer

Some years ago following our dream to live near by the ocean,
we traveled to the blessed island of Bali.
The special blend of simple life, sparkling atmosphere, skilled craftsman and quality leathers
made us decide to stay and to start our adventure: a leather handbag label.

A year later our very first style was born: Ninette.
Clean lines, simple design and two long zippers to open/close it completely.
An handbag meant to be useful for carrying around all the things you want because,
"no matter if it's night or day, it's always the right time to go".

Since then we've slowly expanded our line aiming to design simple silhouettes
and to realize quality products that stand the test of time.

Thank you for shopping our handbags
we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them.