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Vive Ninette goes Sardinia

Posted on June 04, 2015 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

If you're so lucky to be in Sardinia in these days (weather&sea are stunning and it's so relaxing without the big summer crowd) don't miss the chance to see and purchase our latest creations!
We have a private sale day in Cagliari the 6th. Email for details

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On the road again: traveling to Hong Kong!

Posted on June 04, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

On the road again or better... in the sky again :)
We've been traveling to Hong Kong for few days as we got an interesting business propose. Besides working, we took the chance to visit this incredibly busy metropolis. And it really worth it!
Stunning skylines, a deep natural harbour and a special blend between easter and wester cultures makes HK truly unique.
And the food... from the small local market, to the tea houses or the latest asian fusion restaurants it's all so good!!

p.s. did you notice the picture of Nina (VN head designer)?!
It his her latest creation and it will be very soon available online! 
How do you like it? We love it :)


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A few amazing working days in Singapore!

Posted on May 03, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

We just came back from the fascinating city of Singapore where besides of some fun, we've done some serious business. Indeed Singapore is one of the asian major commercial hub and it's just few steps away from Bali, our creative headquarter.

William Gibson (my fav writer) well define it as "world's only shopping mall with a seat in the United Nations" as well as "Disneyland with a death penalty"....Huge shopping malls, a wide range of really good food courts, skyscrapers, subways, local markets, vibrant night life, stunning gardens, high level of safety and an incredible cultures clash make of this city a very unique microcosm.
Moreover it is also home of the Singapore Sling, one of our fav cocktails :)

These are some of the reasons why we decided to make this city the center of our business. Indeed we went there to found November Pte. Ltd., the company that is going to manage Vive Ninette label and Alessio's works as artist/designer. We're so excited, this is a very big step for us and we cant wait to make it growing!


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A week end off in the beautiful country side

Posted on April 01, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

The first two weeks in Bali we have been running around like crazy: after coming back there are always so many things to set down. Plus it's hot, wet and crowded... even if it sounds wired, I can tell that it's pretty stressful.
So, yesterday we took off for the weekend to relax with few close friends.
We found a peaceful place to rest, read, surf, to take naps... to recharge the batteries!
This was exactly what we were looking for :)

p.s. for this short trip we choose to test a sample of our new weekender. How does she looks like?

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Flying back to Bali, ready for the next collection!

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

After few months in Italy we're finally flying back to Bali, we're so excited!
Winter has been really nice but we have been missing sun, beaches, waves...sunsets!
Moreover is time to start the new production: we have some great ideas in the pocket.
Stay tuned and join our newsletter to be updated!

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Vive Ninette goes New Mexico & Texas. An amazing journey!

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

This winter we took the chance to make a quick inspiration trip to America. 
As we were heading to Aspen to attend the Winter Xgames, we decided to rent a car and driver from there to Dallas. It has been such an amazing journey!
We travelled through New Mexico and Texas following the famous Route 66 and one of the oldest american route, the I-40.
Indians and cowboys have been riding and fighting in this lands for years. A part of american history has been written here, a story about freedom & blood.
Stunning sunsets, cold sunrises, red stones, sand and turquoise, leather and indian fabrics, Ipa and silent prayers...
We have been so deeply inspired by the colors and the traditional techniques of working leather that the next collection will be definitely affected!


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