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Japanese Collection

Posted on January 19, 2015 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

How it feels to be in the 2015? I hope you had an amazing kick off!
Here at Vive Ninette we're very excited as it looks like that this year is taking along a lot of bright news :)

The very first one is the Japanese Collection.
In November Alessio (Vive Ninette creative) was traveling in Hawaii and he came across an amazing fabric made in Japan so... after a quick brief we decided to buy it and produce a limited edition of Vive Ninette featuring it as lining. We're in love with it! 
Not to mention the fact that soon will be San Valentino so... it may be the prefect gift :)
More soon, stay tuned!


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Vive Ninette on Tumbr

Posted on October 30, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

Do you girls know that we have a brand new Vive Ninette tumblr page?
It features mostly our bags weared so you can better see styles and measurements :)

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Summer collection final sale.

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

FInal sale has just started! 
Enjoy 10 days (extended) of special discount on our very last pieces: from today until the end of july you'll get up to 35% off!
Dont forget to add you 5% discount if you already a newsletter member and... for orders greater than 320€ we ship for free. What you waiting for, from now until july 31th!  

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Summer clearance!

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

From monday we're going to have two week of sales.
Get ready girls, the quantity are super limited!

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Summer collection online, now!

Posted on June 30, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

Girls, the summer collection is finally online!
Featuring several new styles, it's probably the our most amazing collection to date!
The list of news is so long that we dont even know where to start :)

Cow leather with croco embossed print?
Clutch petite in linen or Charlotte, the new tote in leather or tumanggal?
Or... you ready for your next journey with the Boxeur, our brand new weekender?! 
Talking about woven intrecciato.... the new Niette Xian features a beautiful two side intrecciato stripe while the clutch petite feature an amazing bi color oblique check.
Not to mention the Cluthc Mignon, our new little phunky ally :)
There is plenty of choice but, as always, our collections are limited in quantities so...
waste no time to get your before it's sold out!
View the new collection here!

p.s. and dont forget that we offer free shipping for orders greater than 320€.


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Summer collection preview!

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

Here we gooooo: finally we have some pictures of the new summer collection!
We have been playing with colors&shapes and the results are...well, clutch bags really got some character.
We resized the clutch petite to design a brand new Clutch Mignon that features a phunky front zipper. (did you see the blue "fake crocodile" leather?!) 
As we liked how it looks, we added the front zipper also to the Clutch Petite: she's now a bit more rocky but definitely has an useful daily pocket and he romantic appeal :) 

But, as this wasnt enough, we designed a version of the Clutch Petite in lino fabric with leather band for the beach days and a Clutch Petite Intrecciato with an 
amazing oblique check for sunset parties :)

And... heads up for 
Charlotte, our very first tote design!
Available in leather for your shopping days as well as in Tumaggal for a journey to the beach!

What else... 
You already seen our lovely Ninette Z(oe) (also the Ninette Petite will be available with this zipper pocket) 
but you didnt expect to see also the Ninette X(iang) :)
Featuring a check line on the front&back it's our classic Ninette with an additional touch.

Enjoy the shoot and check back soon: the new collection will be available within a week!

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On the road again: traveling to Hong Kong!

Posted on June 04, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

On the road again or better... in the sky again :)
We've been traveling to Hong Kong for few days as we got an interesting business propose. Besides working, we took the chance to visit this incredibly busy metropolis. And it really worth it!
Stunning skylines, a deep natural harbour and a special blend between easter and wester cultures makes HK truly unique.
And the food... from the small local market, to the tea houses or the latest asian fusion restaurants it's all so good!!

p.s. did you notice the picture of Nina (VN head designer)?!
It his her latest creation and it will be very soon available online! 
How do you like it? We love it :)


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