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More about USD, our new currency

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

Few weeks back we wrote that we were changing shop currency to USD. 
As we received some questions about it we thought to explain better why it's cheaper for EU customers.

Lets look for example at Ninette bags: usually they were out at 298.00EUR.

The new price is set starting from 328.00USD.
You may think wow, three hundred twenty etc... but if you click the button in the top left corner you'll see that today it is equal to 292.71€. 
It's not a huge difference but... hey, if you buy a Ninette, the next 4 coffee are one us!
Moreover, as the Euro will get stronger, the price will even go lower :)

Why did you change?
Our suppliers and artisans  set their prices comparing it with USD as their currency (Indonesia rupia) really fluctuate a lot. We had to adapt in order to make our accounting easier as involving also EUR required a lot of work.

What about the other bags, which is now their price?
Looking at today's rate you can see that:

Price was 278€ now 308USD which is equal to 274.86€ (Save more than 1%)

Price was 410€ now 456USD which is equal to 406.94€ (Save about 1%)

Clutch Petite  
Price was 98€ now 108USD which is equal to 93.38€ (Save more than 4%)

Kindly keep in mind that our currency converter in our shop is connected with the intent currency exchange, that means that the price changes every minute or even less. At the moment of writing it could be different from the moment you read the blog.

Don't forget to click the button in the top left corner to change the currency in which you want to see the prices. The check out will be anyway in USD with the change applied at the very current time of your purchase.

We really hope it's more clear but do not exit ate to send us an email if you like extra info!


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