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New: the Ninette handbag has a zipper!

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

Time runs fast in Bali!
We have been working so much that we didnt realize it is already mid may.
It has been a pretty hectic month but we're finally ready to make our new Ninette available. Ehi... stop. What?!... a new Ninette?!
Yes! We wanted to give her a fresh touch so after several tests we decided to add  a simple zipper pocket.
We love the result: the zipper pocket really breaks up the frontside panel (especially the colored zip tapes) giving her a completely brand new look. At the same time, it's very useful and easy to open: think about your keys, phone, lipstick etc... 

We're so happy with this new version of the Ninette that we want to celebrate!
Next week is going to be up at a very special price (for a limited time) so...stay in touch! (or join our newsletter to be the first to know about the release)

p.s. we're going to post more photos very soon!



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