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Vive Ninette goes New Mexico & Texas. An amazing journey!

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Vive Ninette | 0 comments

This winter we took the chance to make a quick inspiration trip to America. 
As we were heading to Aspen to attend the Winter Xgames, we decided to rent a car and driver from there to Dallas. It has been such an amazing journey!
We travelled through New Mexico and Texas following the famous Route 66 and one of the oldest american route, the I-40.
Indians and cowboys have been riding and fighting in this lands for years. A part of american history has been written here, a story about freedom & blood.
Stunning sunsets, cold sunrises, red stones, sand and turquoise, leather and indian fabrics, Ipa and silent prayers...
We have been so deeply inspired by the colors and the traditional techniques of working leather that the next collection will be definitely affected!


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